A new diversion was opened and signposted around Hardengreen, near Dalkeith, to accommodate work on the Borders Railway, several months ago. While not ideal as a cycle route, it provides a temporary solution while a new permanent route is planned and built.

For cyclists travelling NORTH on National Cycle Routes 1 (Coast & Castles) and 196, the route is:

- cross the bridge over the A7 trunk road and turn right in front of K&I Coachworks. Almost immediately, turn left along a new, temporary path and following signs past Edinburgh College to Dalhousie Road. (If you find yourself unexpectedly at Tesco, you have taken a wrong turn – return the way you came and head NE past the college). At Dalhousie Road, turn left and follow the road until you reach the Justinlees Inn on your right. (Note that this road can be busy). Turn right, passing the pub on your left, through the pub car park (dismounting to walk through it) and then right on to Newbattle Road (B703). Go downhill to the first set of traffic lights, where you find signposts taking you through ornamental gates into a modern housing development. You have now rejoined the main route.

For cyclists travelling SOUTH, as you exit the modern housing development on to Newbattle Road at traffic lights, turn right up the hill and, at the Justinlees Inn, take the first exit at the roundabout – Dalhousie Road.  Note that this road can be busy.  In approx 0.5 miles, just before a Toucan crossing that is not yet in service, turn right into Hardengreen Business Park and immediately left and then right to join the cycle path that runs alongside Edinburgh College.  Follow the signs for cycle routes 1 and 196 and join a temporary path, emerging near K&I Coachworks. (If you arrive unexpectedly at Tesco, you have missed a left turn – go back and have another look; you want to be heading south). At the coachworks, look (perhaps between parked vehicles) for the cycleway crossing the busy A7 trunk road by a bridge; you have now rejoined the main cycle route.

Click on the map below to see the current alignment of the National Cycle Network through Eskbank and Dalkeith:

Dalkeith and Eskbank

For a PDF version please click here – National Cycle Network – Eskbank and Dalkeith

Removal of old cycle path signs, Dalkeith

Removal of the old signs on cycle routes 1 and 196 through Dalkeith will be completed by Thursday 4th April. The cycle signs to be taken down are along Musselburgh Road, Dalkeith High Street and the old Railway path between Cemetery Road and the Tesco at Hardengreen. See the Maps page to see the new route alignment of the National Cycle Network through Dalkeith and Eskbank.

The Black Path, Scottish Borders (National Cycle Network Route 1)

How the railway will change the Black Path between Tweedbank and Galashiels?  

English: A cycle route on the Black Path This ...

The Black Path was built on the former Waverley Railway (the route of which the new Borders Railway mostly follows) and provides an off-road route for walkers and cyclists. As a consequence of the railway returning the route of the Black Path will need to change. Some lengths of replacement path were made a requirement of the Waverley Railway ( Scotland ) Act 2006. At other locations, a direct replacement cannot be provided due to a lack of room or another physical constraint. Elsewhere, some new sections of path are being provided.

More information to follow.

Cycle route disruption – Borders Rail Project

080704_coast_castles_2_146The construction of the Borders Railway, now under way between Edinburgh and Tweedbank in the Scottish Borders, has meant the permanent re-routing of Route 1 of the National Cycle Network in the Dalkeith area of Midlothian.

Construction of the railway line and the building of a new station at Eskbank began in early 2013. Sections of the former railway previously used as a footpath and cycle way will be required for the rail line.

Working with Midlothian Council, Sustrans has identified an alternative route to replace the paths lost to the railway.